Welcome Spring


 Reduce Your Plant’s Risk of Early Season Fungus

There are varieties of herbaceous perennials like Lavender  and Forsythia that can survive the winter in many areas of Michigan, despite the extremely cold season.  Hopefully you tucked them in last fall in under a layer of organic mulch that’s two to four inches deep. While mulch protects them from drying out or freezing to death when it’s cold, once these types of plants start to grow in the spring, that life-saving mulch can become a real enemy. Before pulling back your mulch keep an eye on the temperature before completely exposing the new growth. 

It’s vital that you pull back the mulch from your plants every few days to check for green growth above ground. Once you see it, hollow a moat out between the plant and the mulch. Make sure no mulch is touching the new growth and that the moat you’ve scooped is about two inches wide to allow for further safe development.

Several opportunistic fungi will take advantage of young, green growth that’s constantly touching something moist, like that mulch. There’s a fine line here, tread carefully.

Always remember that the garden can make or break your first impression when selling.

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